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The Ebright said on 07Nov2017:

I know I'm a little early ,But Our Family is Looking forward to this years beautiful Light display!! Thanks for all the hard work you do to make the Christmas Season special!!

Sandy Ozalas said on 27Dec2016:
     Saw the show last Friday- so great, my grandson loved it- thank you for all your hard work giving joy to others!

Christina K said on 23Dec2016:
     Thank you! The show this year was incredible as always-- from Sandstorm to the kids loving the characters at the end. All the work that goes into the show is astounding and makes for such a special part of the holiday season.

BK said on 23Dec2016:
     So happy we were able to get reservations. A lot of time and hard work goes into the display and getting everything perfect for everyone to enjoy. Beautiful display once again this year!!

Kristofer Stachowiak said on 20Dec2016:
     So glad we got a reservation this year. The show was great as always. My kids are still talking about it hours later! Thank you for all you do, your light show is very much appreciated in the West Bradford community.

Bob & Nina Stratton said on 13Dec2016:
     We have heard so many wonderful things about your display . We look forward to seeing it . Thank you for you for doing it and your willingness to share it .

Barb & Tom Zosh said on 13Dec2016:
     We love your show! Visiting Chestnut Lights has become a holiday tradition for our family and we look forward to seeing the display again this year! Thanks for spreading holiday cheer!

Jennifer lynch said on 12Dec2016:
     My adult son is coming home, for just one night, Christmas eve, if you start taking reservations , I would love for him to see your incredible display. 4 well-behaved, responsible adults, lol!

Iavarone family said on 12Dec2016:
     We always look forward to your creative and beautiful light show. It's part of our Christmas traditions!

Jim Carlson said on 12Dec2016:
     So happy to hear you found a solution that will allow you to bless us with your Chestnut Lights!!

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