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Jerry V said on 03Dec2016:
     Fantastic display. Your passion doing this makes so many smile and be happy. We'll done fine sir...

Kate said on 02Dec2016:
     We have been enjoying your display for years. Thank you for all that you do! We know it isn't always easy. The community really appreciates how hard you work to keep it running smoothly! We hope to see you again this year!

Moffat family said on 29Nov2016:
     We absolutely love your display and are amazed at your skill and amazing talent in this time consuming show! We hope to enjoy it again this year and pray it all goes smoothly and you are able to continue this magical displays!!

Karla Loughead said on 28Nov2016:
     Really hope you are able to do the show this year. I understood why you had to cancel last year. It saddens me how utterly stupid people can be. Hopefully this year will be better.

Kathleen said on 26Nov2016:
     I brought my children to see your lighting display and though they are usually hyper active, your display kept them fully amazed and entertained. We have made your show a part of our family tradition.
Thank you for all your hard work. It touches lives.My hope is people understand its a nieghborhood and are respectful. With that said I say thank you to your nieghborhood for understanding your dedication & having understanding that it's a short season & brings joy to so many.

Amanda said on 17Oct2016:
Was able to enjoy your light show in 2014 and last year we were going to go and we found out that it had been cancelled. I hope this year you start it back up again.. Its such an exciting and fun family night to sit and enjoy the lights , beautiful music and Christmas cheer... thanks again for all the hard work you do in providing such a lovely light show!!

Anne Kobylarz said on 27Dec2015:
     I have seen your light show in the past. Went tonight and unfortunately I found out from your facebook posting the show was shut down due to some unfortunate circ**stances. I would like to thank you for taking the time and expense to display the light show and I hope in the years to come you will continue to practice the true meaning of Christmas, which is giving. I hope that everyone that comes and visits the show will have the courtesy to respect your time and effort and also practice the true meaning of Christmas! Thank you so much and Happy New year to you and your family!

S.A. said on 16Dec2015:
     Thank you so much for all the work you put into the display. Once again fantastic! So happy we could donate to the food bank as well. Merry Christmas!

Kasey Jackson said on 11Dec2015:
     Thank you SO much for all of your hard work that you do for the people in this area, your display is amazing!! We were blown away with it all! And on top of your amazing display, thanks for collecting food for the needy- that's awesome too ;-) Cant wait to visit again!

suzanne said on 09Dec2015:
     Awesome job, and thank you. We have been by 3 times this year all ready. My 3 yr old loves it!

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