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  • Animated Lighting: Founded in 2002, they are the market leader in providing hardware and software for synchronizing and controlling lights, music and special effects.
  • Bronner's Christmas Wonderland: Has a wide selection of Christmas lights, Christmas Ornaments, Collectibles, Nativity sets, personalized gifts, and much more.
  • Christmas Light Finder: Created in 2005 to give those who love to see Christmas lights a way to easily find light displays in their area. This unique database gives decorators - both home and commercial - a way to direct people to their displays and lets those of us who get into the spirit of Christmas by driving around looking at displays the ability to search for displays by zip code or by country.
  • Computer Christmas: Home of the 320 Circuit Parallel Port Controller Box. This is the place to be if you are looking for information about controlling Christmas light displays with a computer. This is a site full of contributions from people all over the world for Christmas light enthusiasts.
  • D-Lights Designs, LLC: Established in 2005, they are dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative, and reasonably priced lighting control products.
  • Demented Elf Productions: Provides quality Christmas Voiceovers. Has recorded Christmas Voiceovers for many Christmas displays around the country, and the world.
  • Holiday Creations: Provides quality LED decorative lighting for various applications.
  • LED Christmas Lights: Premier provider of LED lighting for all your decorating needs.
  • Light Flurries: Realistic snowflakes in a box. Turn your home into a Winter Wonderland.
  • Light-O-Rama: A leading manufacturer and retailer of systems used to create animated shows involving lights, music and motion.
  • LightShow Pro: Used by a fast growing community, LightShow Pro represents the next generation of Holiday Light show design software empowering its users to leverage the latest RGB devices and hardware. Building a success record, LightShow Pro's dedication to innovation, quality and stability is shared through the latest version of LightSHowPro powering some of the best displays in the community. The #1 RGB sequencer and fully supported solution. Regular new releases adding powerful new features.
  • PlanetChristmas: The forums are where you can go an day of the year and at any time of the day to talk about your Christmas passion with others just like you.
  • Ramsey Electronics: Providing the neatest electronic products and kits for well over 40 years! From AM & FM Transmitters, Hobby Kits, Amateur Radio Gear, Mini-Kits, or just Neat Stuff, they make working with electronics not only fun, but also a great learning experience.
  • Vixen Lighting Automation: Software for do-it-yourself lighting automation displays.



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